Training is a key element in our business and in the past years we were very proud to bring the world famous trainer Lyn Hall from London, England. She is the leading trainer from one of the most
prestigious organisations in our industry The Fine Art Trade Guild based in London. Mrs. Hall is not only a successful trainer but also a qualied examiner for the Fine Art Trade Guild and soon we
plan to oer examinations to those people who have taken her course and this could lead to certication as a ‘GUILD COMMENDED FRAMER’ and permit you to add GCF after your name. Qualications such as this are much valued by clients throughout the world as they distinguish the expert from the average framer. Please contact us for further information.

For new enterpreneurs we have regular training programme for starting and establishing a protable business the the eld of art , picture and craft framing as per European standard framing training course.

The subject matter to be covered in this course are as follow:

Running a workshop Mouldings Mount-boards
Explanation of framing levels as Explanation of framing levels as set out by the Fine Art Trade Guild
Morso Guillotine and Moulding Cutting (Practical) Alfa Underpinning (Practical)
Glass Handling (Practical) Sandwiching Glass Mount Cutting
Mount Cutting Designs Assembly of work (Practical) Advance framing techniques



Lyn Hall GCF Adv. of Fringe Arts Picture Framers has been in the Picture Framing business for 26 years and during that time her business has developed into several dierent areas including bespoke
framing, training, demonstrating, working with the Fine Art Trade Guild as an Examiner for the Guild Commended Framing Scheme and also as an ambassador for the Guild worldwide.

She is a qualied Advanced Guild Commended Framer in all three subjects:
conservation/museum framing, handling textiles and mount design and function – in fact Lyn is the rst person in the UK who holds all three qualications.

Lyn began her framing whilst living in Holland and quickly discovered that it was something that she wanted to nurture and develop into what is now a very
successful business. Her main priority hashigh quality level, oering customers products that are individual and creative. The Art of Framing Training School was introduced 17 years ago because Lyn felt that the Industry needed professional training for newcomers into the business.
Her training school is accredited by the Fine Art Trade Guild and she has taught hundreds of people, most of whom have gone on to develop highly successful businesses of their own. Lyn had the opportunity to work in New Zealand where she introduced the Guild Commended Framing qualication on
behalf of the Guild and also undertook an intensive training programme with framers from all over the country. Additionally, she was lucky enough to design a training programme for framers in India and spent a memorable two weeks in both Kolkata and Mumbai, again working with framers who were new to
the industry.

During her framing life, she has won many awards both for her business acumen and also for her framing.

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